If you’re on the hunt for the best vegan cafe in Ubud, look no further!

Vegan cafés aren’t exactly hard to come by in this trendy town, but as many of our loyal customers will confirm – Acai Queen is more than just any old vegan café.

Our fun-loving staff ensure that customers swing into their day on giant streetside swings, before lovingly preparing our signature Acai Bowls and delicious vegan dishes all day long. Acai bowls are a delicacy which you’ll find available in different shapes and sizes throughout many vegan cafés in Ubud (and all over Bali), but in Acai Queen our bowls are next level. (See here for more on our smoothie bowl brilliance).

Why is Acai Queen Your Go-To Vegan Café in Ubud?

Though we’re known for our smoothie bowls, we don’t just do breakfast. In fact, Acai Queen is open all day and we firmly believe in the sharing of positive vibes and energy which we feel the vegan cafe philosophy should capture. For the yogis of Ubud and the vegan café connoisseurs, we’ve dedicated time and energy to ensuring our spot on Jalan Gootama oozes pure, genuine and cruelty-free fun where high-vibe dishes can be consumed in a positive space.

In case you needed any more reasons to visit our vegan café, then read on for more:

No Preaching

Let’s face it, there are a lot of serious sides to the vegan café movement out there. While we agree that the more vegans and vegan cafés there are in the world, the better, at Acai Queen we are dedicated to providing a non-judgemental space for everyone to enjoy our delicious food. This means that both long-time vegans and those curious to try it (hey, at least they’re trying, right?!) are all more than welcome under our roof. Whether you’re in it for the animals, the planet, the health benefits, all of the above, or you’re simply curious to experience the delights of a vegan café whilst in Ubud, we will welcome you with open arms. 

Location Location Location

Tired feet from browsing the markets all day? Rumbling tummy after a not-very-vegan-friendly guesthouse breakfast? Our central location on the pedestrianized Jalan Gootama means that even if you don’t drive a scooter, you can enjoy the vegan café fun of Acai Queen. It also means that our café is the perfect location from which to engage in a bit of people-watching as you munch your lunch and refuel for the rest of the day’s exploration. Get in!

Bring Your Babes

Finding a vegan café in Ubud which caters for kids can be a bit of a challenge. Our bright designs, fun-loving staff and early opening hours create the perfect family atmosphere, meaning that mums and dads don’t have to compensate on their vegan lifestyle choices to suit the kids. It’s also a great way to introduce youngsters to plant-based eating – you’ll be surprised at how enthusiastic they’ll be about a colourful, nutrient-rich vegan meal! (P.S – they also LOVE our swings!)

Science Says So

Science has proven that the environment in which you eat has a significant impact on the overall experience of how your body and mind react to the food you take in. This means that how stressful or calm, positive or negative your surroundings are during a meal will determine things like how well you digest your food, and how it makes you feel. It’s all energy, baby! At Acai Queen we took this knowledge into account when designing our vegan café, and we’re so excited to provide a light, bright and positive space for our customers to enjoy quality, locally-sourced vegan meals.

Keep it Local

Speaking of locally-sourced, did you know that all ingredients at our vegan café are freshly purchased from local Balinese families and farmers within a day of reaching your plate? Reducing the time that fruits and veggies have to travel before they are prepared hugely boosts their nutritional benefit, and it also keeps the local economy and fields thriving and fertile. The best vegan cafés we know have all developed around the model of serving the local community, and in Bali this means creating a sustainable system of mutual benefit for our foreign customers and the local farmers whose crops provide us with the material to serve the food we serve.


Another key element of the vegan café trend which we fully support is sustainability – we use bamboo straws in all of our smoothies and coconuts, and minimize plastic use by encouraging customers to purchase keep cups and steel water bottles. Free refills are provided and we even serve our food in wooden bowls and boards to encourage a return to more natural and sustainable way of living. 

Eat, Sleep, Explore, Repeat

While you are more than welcome to sit in our vegan café all day, many of our customers stop by to refuel before a day of exploration around Ubud, or to take a well-needed pitstop from walking the streets in the midday heat. Our vegan sorbets, ice-creams, juices, coolers and tropical smoothies make for the perfect cool-down treats at any time of day, and it wouldn’t be a vegan café without a range of milk choices for our teas and coffees – choose from almond, coconut and soya milk for your caffeine kick while you make your plans and decide where your next stop-off will be.

Where will you explore next?

Need Any More Convincing?

If the best vegan café in Ubud was a competition (and we’re sure there have been various such compeitions) then we’re confident we’d be ranked amongst the top-rated. At Acai Queen we focus on the vegan café experience, meaning that our customers leave with satisfied bellies, nourished minds and bodies, and a positive outlook on their own contribution to the plant-based movement that is slowly becoming more and more popular!

What are you waiting for?? Get down to our vegan café on Jalan Gootama today and get 10% off your first Acai Bowl Smoothie Bowl order!

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