If you are looking for the perfect smoothie bowl to start the day you found your spot. 

At Acai Queen, we know our smoothie bowls. We know them so well that we make them for a living, and it’s become an important part of our customer’s daily routines to check in at our cosy, fun-loving café on Jalan Gootama in Ubud for a boost of health and positivity-fueled nourishment. 

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If you want to learn more about our smoothie bowls just keep reading.

So what makes Acai Queen’s smoothie bowls so good, and why are we changing the game smoothie bowl culture in Bali?

Grab your coconut bowls,  granola toppers, and read on to find out! 

Our passion for Smoothie bowls has brought us and many of our customers together, and because of this, we aim to cultivate the connection between our loyal and royal smoothie-bowl subjects in the same authentic way. 

For all you smoothie bowl junkies out there in Bali, you’ll know how challenging it can be to find a bowl which actually stands out from the crowd these days. We’re talking quality ingredients, well-thought-out combinations and consistency to make the most reluctant smoothie-bowl newbie drool with refreshed appreciation. Not to mention a presentation worthy of the Instagram-smoothie bowl hall of fame!

From Ubud to Canggu, Uluwatu to Amed, nowadays it seems like every other café is calling themselves a smoothie bowl bar. And that’s cool. We’re all for the promotion of healthy eating – the more smoothie bowls the better.

Simply Does It

Like many hugely successful trends, the smoothie bowl concept is pretty simple. Yet it’s exactly this simplicity which makes them so appealing. 

Take a colourful smoothie, an attractive-looking natural wooden bowl, prepare a variety of fresh and delicious toppings, and voila! A recipe for a fun, happy and personalised dining experience – adding the fun back into healthy eating and even encouraging many visitors to Bali to start consuming more fruit in their diet back home. 

It’s no wonder people love them. 

The natural rise in popularity of smoothie bowls across Bali has meant that cafés and smoothie bars are having to up the game and make their bowls stand out from the crowd. This goes beyond doubling the portion-size or lowering prices, however. When it comes to creating and preparing quality meals for customers who travel across the globe to try some acai bowl goodness (and there are those who do!) part of the challenge is actually keeping up with the ever-evolving smoothie bowl and vibrant creative foodie culture in Bali.

Here’s where Acai Queen is changing the game. 

As Ubud is arguably the most popular location for health-conscious travellers in Bali, it’s vital that our smoothie bowls and organic dishes made and served on-site here are of the highest quality. Our staff are carefully trained in the art of preparation and presentation of these intricate bowls – some of which actually resemble works of art – which receive an outpouring of care and attention from our positive and friendly kitchen staff.

Environment is key in the booming café and smoothie bowl scene of Ubud – and boy is there some amount of competition! Acai Queen has managed to carve out a unique streetside location along the bustling Jalan Gootama, featuring giant swings and royal purple sofas to make customers as comfortable as can be ahead of their pending nourishment.

This creates a light-hearted ‘half-inside-half-outside’ location along the pedestrianized street, allowing you to people-watch or meet like-minded smoothie-bowl fans and travellers from all over the world inside. 

Vitamin ‘L’ – putting the love back into food preparation. 

As well as physical environment, we believe it’s important in any food preparation scenario for staff to put their positive energy into the food they make and serve. Acai Queen’s smoothie bowls are the only bowls in which you’ll find the most careful and loving energy infused through every step of the preparation and presentation process.

Smoothie bowls are the perfect way to showcase the abundance of fresh fruit and natural produce on offer across Bali. The vibrant colours, textures and tastes of the tropical fruit sets you up for an energised day of exploring the rice terraces and scooting around from markets to cafés and everything in between. It’s a mark of just how impactful the smoothie bowl culture in Bali has become that travellers are even taking inspiration from this vibrancy back home to their own countries, sparking a chain of health-conscious eating and spreading smoothie bowl love across the globe!

Acai Kings & Queens

It’s a common occurrence for first-time smoothie-bowlers to become our regular customers, and we couldn’t be more proud to welcome you all back each and every day. 

The good news is that smoothie bowls aren’t going anywhere fast, so if you haven’t been to our Ubud snug for your breakkie yet then make a date with your nearest and dearest to visit us ASAP !

What are you waiting for?! 

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