If you still haven’t tried the vegan acai bowls at Acai Queen in Ubud, Bali, then do your body and taste buds a favour, and make SURE you KEEP READING.

The elusive acai berry (pronounced ‘ahh-sigh-ee’, for those not in the know), is royalty amongst the berry family. Hailing from the tropical rainforests in South America, Acai Queen’s favoured ingredient of choice is not only a tropical superstar, but is also literally jam-packed with nutrients and health benefits. Most of these are of the antioxidant variety, but these tiny, deep purple fruits have also been noted to contribute to a broad range of other things too, including improvement in skin health, weight loss and even memory enhancement!

As 80% of the fruit is made up by the seed, the taste of Acai berries on their own is quite an unusual one. That’s why Acai Queen has perfected the components of a variety of fruit and superfood blends, which compliment and enhance the nutritional quality of the Acai berry, with a whole host of other sweet and juicy ingredients to maximise taste and diversity!

In terms of how the regular consumption of Acai berries can affect your health, some recent findings have noted the following:

  1. Anti- Cancerous BenefitsAcai berries contain vast amount of Anthocyanins,which are known to activate anticarcinogenic properties in the body, as well as preventing the proliferation and growth of cancer cells. A small amount of acai berries in your daily routine (or morning acai bowl at Acai Queen!!) can contribute to a reduced likelihood of developing cancer later in life. They are the very definition of ‘superfood’!!
  2. Anti- Inflammatory Effects
    Did you know that inflammation is an underlying root cause for almost ALL major diseases affecting humankind right now??? The Acai berry is amazing at reducing joint and seasonal pain, as it’s a powerful anti-inflammatory ingredient. Some diseases which have been linked to inflammation include cancer, osteoperosis, arthritis, diabetes, and alzheimers. By increasing your intake of anti-inflammatory foods like the acai berry, you significantly reduce the chances of inflammation becoming a chronic issue, which can then lead to these more serious illnesses down the line.
  3. Cognitive Function
    As well as the benefits outlined above, these powerful little anthocyanins also inhibit ‘neuroinflammation’ in the nerves, which boosts synaptic signals and reflexes, and as such improves blood flow to the brain. This increased supply of blood aids in cognitive function and memory capacity, and is exactly the reason why those who regularly consume the acai berry will also have low risks of developing brain-related diseases like Alzheimers or Parkinson’s. Forget blueberries – the acai berry is where it’s at!
  4. Good for the HeartThe production of HDL (‘good’ cholesterol’) is increased as the anthocyanin intake is boosted, while LDL (‘bad’ cholesterol) has been observed to decrease. Increasing fiber intake is one way to combat this and prevent progression of these imbalances, but luckily, the acai berry does that too! Those with excess weight will benefit from a lowered blood sugar and cholesterol level with the regular addition of Acai to their diet too!
  5. Good Fats and AA’sIt has become more widely accepted that ‘good fats’ (specifically Omega-3 fatty acids) are a vital and extremely beneficial component of a healthy diet. Acai berries are rich in fatty acids, and also contain an impressive 19 amino acids, which contribute to the naturally anti-oxidizing properties they contain, too. The high fiber content in the acai berry also makes them amazing at improving digestion!
  6. CalciumAcai berries are also rich in calcium, which is vital in high levels to maintain healthy bones, muscles and nerves – especially for those following a vegan diet. In fact, acai berries contain twice as much calcium as blueberries, and also provide a direct, organic source of vitamins A, B1, B2, B3 and  E. 
Acai Smoothie.

Locally Grown Bali Acai

As well as our pure Brazilian acai (imported all the way from Brazil), Acai Queen also proudly creates and sells our own signature vegan Bali Acai blend. This consists of a combination of the freshest and most vibrant dragon fruit, blueberries, Balinese apple and coconut palm nectar.

The Acai Queen acai bowls we serve on site in Ubud might be some of the most aesthetically pleasing breakfast dishes you’ll find anywhere south of the equator, but really the best part is that they don’t just LOOK and taste delicious. The authentic, locally grown and vegan Balinese ingredients in all of our dishes (we do more than acai bowls, you know!) provide our loyal customers with the freshest and optimum nutrients needed to fuel a day of exploration, work, or chilling in our fun streetside nook, all while quietly boosting health, happiness, and physical function of everyone who comes in the door. 

The benefits of consuming locally-grown ingredients are endless, as not only are you assimilating your body to the naturally healing properties of Mama Bali’s earthy qualities, but in choosing Acai Queen you’re automatically giving back to the local community. Our ingredients are freshly sourced from local farms and families around Ubud, who provide their produce daily to keep our vegan acai bowls bursting (literally) with nutrition. 

Bottom Line

The bottom line..?? The amazing health benefits of the Acai Berry are actually endless, and this is before we take into account the psychological benefits of consuming a satisfying, satiating meal in a bright and aesthetically-pleasing environment!

Whether you’re new to the Acai trend, or just passing through and want to try boosting your intake of important vitamins and minerals, Acai Queen has got the bowl you need to help you achieve your health and nutritional goals. We support the use of a wholefood, vegan diet as part of a way to maintain optimal physical, mental and spiritual health, and our customers mean so much to us that we have made this a priority over all else.

Acai berries are one of the most versatile, nutritious and DELICIOUS superfoods available to us today, and so we are proud to share our passion for health and happiness with our Acai Queen customers. 

Visit us today on Jalan Gootama, Ubud, Bali!

We can’t wait to see you there!

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